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April 6 to 11, 2021
Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa/Orange County
Costa Mesa, CA
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Entry Forms - Online Virtual Event

BBB Online Virtual Comp - Is now Closed to new Entries


The Ballroom Beach Bash is excited to announce we are offering an online dance event for those International and USA competitors that cannot travel to us in person.  

(On a side note, we are especially thrilled to hear from so many couples doing Smooth around the world who have messaged us about dancing in our online events.  Despite all the setbacks from the pandemic Smooth dancing continues to grow worldwide!!!)


Dance Entry Options

·         The Beach Bash will be offering critiqued Single Dance events and placement Multi Dance events in all styles and levels for pro-am and amateur dancers.

Single Dance

·         All Adult Single dance entries will be judged by three Championship level adjudicators for Proficiency. 

·         One Judge will be scoring you on 1-10 scale, 1 - meaning Needs a lot more Work, 10 - being Awesome job, can I take some lessons from you!.

       The Criteria are Technique (Posture, Frame, Movement), and Artistry (Dynamics, Musicality, Character).

        and  the other two judges will do voice critiques with feedback and constructive advice on your dances.  


       Kids Single Dance are proficiency marked ($15) or a competitor can opt for the voice critiques  ($40) depending on pricing selected on entry form.


Multi Dance

·         All Multi Dance dance entries will be judged by three Championship level adjudicators. 

·         Dancers will be placed in order of excellence (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.)

·         There will be no Scholarships or Professional events.



       Online Virtual Price List 

       Please email -  info@BallroomBeachBash.com for the password



      Notes:  - Any category can be entered as Solo or no-touch, just add a written notation you are going to be utilizing that mode on your entry Form.

                   - There are no Scholarships or Professional events.


How to Enter

        Part 1

 1) Download an entry form from this page   

 2) Fill out the Entry form, scan and email it to on info@BallroomBeachBash.com with the

          email subject heading "BBB Virtual comp" 

  3)  Mail in a check with your entry fee or pay by credit card (there is a 4% admin fee for cc) to

              Ballroom Beach Bash

              8355 Station Village Ln, Unit 4320

              San Diego, CA 92108


For all Single dance entries you can use your own music to dance to on the videotape you submit.

For the Multidance Challenges and Kids Multidance events you will need to download the music from your account on DanceComp.com  - see next step

        Part 2

   4)     Register your Profile on the Ballroom Beach Bash page at DanceComp.com.

   5)    You will be able to download the music for your heats from your DanceComp.com Profile page 24-48 hours after you have received an invoice from Ballroom Beach Bash

   6)       Then access this page for details on how to film and submit your video by March 31st.


We will contact you with further details closer to the event going live on Friday April 16th.

Please contact us on info@BallroomBeachBash.com subject heading Virtual comp, with any questions.

Important Dates!
Entry Form Submittal Deadline is March 19th. 
Music can be downloaded after you have received a confirmation invoice for your entry from Ballroom Beach Bash.
Video submittal Deadline is March 31st. 



Online Virtual PDF Entry and Registration Forms


Online Virtual Price List.  This document is password protected. Please email info@BallroomBeachBash.com for password.


All Online Online Virtual Forms PDF


Pro-Am Forms - Online Virtual 


Amateur Forms

  • Form CV - Solo Exhibition/ Formation Team
  • Form DV - Pre Teen and Junior Pro-Am under 18 Single Dance
  • Form EV B&L - lil Squirts, Pre-Teen, Junior and Youth Ballroom & Latin Multidance Entry Form
  • Form EV S&R - lil Squirts, Pre-teen, Junior, and Youth Smooth & Rhythm Multidance Entry Forms
  • Form FV - Amateur Multidance, Showdance Entry Form 
  • Form JV Summary Accounting Form 
  • Form KV - Credit Card Submittal Form
Top Teacher, Studio and Student Awards

- The points count only towards the live Beach Bash Top Teacher, Top Studio and Top Student awards.

   (We do not have separate Online Top Awards)

- A competitor can enter both Online and Live events


Single Dance

- Online single dances are uncontested (but receive the Judges review) and count as 1 point

Multi Dance

- Online multi dance events are being judged separately from the Live multi dance events

- Online multi dance points are the same as per Live event (sliding scale up to 20 points for 1st place)