10 to 14
Hilton Resort and Spa
San Diego, CA
Online Registration
How to Submit your entries when you have finished entering.
When you have completed your online entries to your satisfaction, email Michael at info@BallroomBeachBash.com to let him know that you would like your entries accepted and have a final invoice sent to you. 
To get your Early Bird Rebate
Online registration does not have Early Bird Rebate built in so, if by Thursday, March 1, 2018 you email us your current online entries summary with an attached Early Bird Rebate form, then you can deducting $1 per entry (per Early Bird Rebate Rules) off the invoice (mail a check or submit CC info). Please note there is a 4% admin fee for credit card charges, none for checks (which are accepeted up till the 1st of April, after that it is cash or credit card only).
When Online Registration access Closes - March 27, 2018
Online Registration access will close on Tuesday, March 27, 2018, one week before the event starts.
Free Session Tickets
General session admission tickets for all competitors are free for the session they are dancing in. Spectator tickets are only needed to get access to sessions you are not competing in.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Michael Mead, Toni Redpath and Jonathan Roberts
8355 Station Village Ln, Unit 4320
San Diego, CA  92108
Tel: 858-633-7705
Email: info@ballroombeachbash.com