4 to 8
April 4 to 8, 2023
San Diego Mission Bay Resort
San Diego, CA
San Diego San Diego Mission Bay Resort
Entry Forms - Live Event
Early Bird (not entry deadline) Countdown Clock

Here at BBB we do not actually have an entry deadline (because no-one ever pays attention to them) so you still have till the start of April to send your entries in, instead we try to entice you to enter early by discounting your entry fee in the form of the Early Bird Rebate, $1 off each entry.  


Early Bird Calculation

Deduct $1 off per entry (mutidance event counts as 1 entry)

plus $50 bonus rebate for every 50 entry block

Closing date for Early bird entry received by Beach Bash is March 1st 2023.

Download calculation form here.


 Massively Discount your Entry Fees with Meal Packages

 Will a BBB Package Save Me Money and Time?

Yes! At the Bash we structured the pricing of the packages for your benefit, so you can save money! Why? Because that's just the selfless and generous kind of people we are :) ...and because if we don't do that you're not going to buy one.

Plus you save time, because with the package meals available at convenient prearranged times you don't have to wait for an hour in the restaurant to get the same high quality of food. Food will be plated by servers and social distancing observed.

So explain in detail how the savings work?

If breakfast and dinner during the day could reasonably be estimated at $29 and $45 before 7.5% tax and 15% tip.

And the discounted entry fee you get when you buy a day package saves you

- $7 off every Single Dance Entry

- $10 - $30 off Championship Entries

- $10 off Scholarship Entries and

- $50 off Solo Entries.

With just 6 single dances and 1 Scholarship using the "on package" discounted entry fees, you are already saving money.... and the more additional entries you do, the more money you save!!! (don't overthink the logic :)



 2023 PDF Entry and Registration Forms


Price List.  This document is password protected. Please email info@BallroomBeachBash.com for password.

All Forms PDF

General Rules PDF

Note: A Release Form must be signed by every attendee at the event.

BBB Poster

Electronic Beach Bash Poster 11" x 8.5"


Pro-Am Forms


Amateur Forms


Professional Forms

NDCA Rulebook and Closed Syllabus restrictions

See  NDCA  Rulebook here

No responsibility for loss or theft of articles left in Changing Rooms, Ballrooms or Hotel Rooms can be accepted by the Organizer, or by the National Dance Council of America, Inc.,  and neither can they be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event. Everyone attending does so at his or her own risk. All persons attending this event, whether as spectators, competitors, officials, or guests of the organizer, shall be bound by the National Dance Council of America, Inc. rules, and by participating in this event automatically become obligated to adhere to them.