9 to 13
April 9 to 13, 2024
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
San Diego, CA
San Diego Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
Costuming Themes
2024 Bubbles Beach Bash
 Have a Bubbly, Bashy time all week with our mystical, mythical creatures of the deep!
We so excited to have our amazing team back with us again. 
Feel free to join in the daily themes (especially color wise ) but there is ZERO pressure to do so!! 
Also, please know that we have a huge supply of hats ,glasses and other fun props that you can use if you have nothing in your closet but black and gray.
New!!! BeachBash apparel on sale, visit our online store and get your official BeachBash t-shirts, visors and hoodies
Club Night

We'll kick off the Bash with our
"Deep Sea Disco !"
Let's Nightclub with Neon Neptune and his friends waaay under the sea It's dark down there, so get your neon glow on to dance your way through the bubbles.

Purple Day or Magenta / Pink / Orange/ Yellow

Get your wriggle on for Rhythm Day! We'll be dancing alongside our wiggly Octopus and Squids & be prepared to bump into some super weird Angler Fish!
THURSDAY- all day
Red Day

You'll be "Sea"-ing Red on
Ballroom and Latin day but there's no time to be crabby! Be careful not to get pinched by some cheeky lobsters and crabs as you dance by

Mermaid Day

Our Smoothies and Men in Black competitors will be amongst other God's of the Sea, dancing alongside Neptune and his merry Mer-friends 
Beach Formal

* don't forget!!
Friday night is!
Half Beach-wear, half Formal

Blue Day or gray/ black/ white

 Who can be Blue when you're dancing Smooth? You'll be having a Whale of a time waltzing alongside gorgeous creatures of the deep .. You might even spot some magical Narwhals!

SATURDAY - night
Normal Formal
*Saturday night is normal formal

Feel free to join in the fun all week with your outfits.
We welcome all who want to dress as mermaids, sea creatures, sailors or whatever else floats your boat .. ooh yeah maybe floaties .  or even a boat costume?

Thanks again for joining us and please know that any kind of relaxed resort wear is totally acceptable for all sessions except Saturday night.
We want you to be happy and comfortable.

Love from the Beach Bashers!